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Product Name: Allopurinol
Product Type: Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Product spec: NLT99%
Packing: 25Kg/fiber drum
Place Of Supplier:
Price: Inquire
Quantity: Inquire
Valid Period: 2023-06-05
Description: Name: Allopurinol CAS NO: 315-30-0 MF: C5H4N4O MW: 136.11 Deion:White to off-white solid Usage: Xanthine oxidase inhibitor; decreases uric acid production. Used in treatment of hyperuricemia and chronic gout. Antiurolithic Contact person: Mr.Toby E-mail: toby(at)international-biz(dot)com MSN: shh1986126(at)hotmail(dot)com Skype: toby1986126 Yahoo: shh1986126(at)yahoo(dot)com Mobile:86-13971092670
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